About Me

So, I’m sure many of you know, especially if you’re viewing this blog from my channel or from one of the many forums I frequent on that I have a vlog that I’ve been advertising both in my forum siggi and on my various other online mediums such as FB and Twitter. If you’re new to my whole charade, I won’t bore you with my speech bragging about what I’ve done, and how great my content is. Instead feel free to take a look at what I have and if you like what you see, then there is a convenient subscribe button on my YouTube channel. I also have a photo gallery featuring quite a few of my travels. Feel free to peek in there as well.

So by now I trust that you know that basically, I like traveling. If you didn’t know that before, you do now! Without going into too much detail since we all know that deep down you’re lazy and don’t want to read all this. I’ve done quite a few cool things on my travels. A good chunk of it, I did just for you and for the sake of adventure and vlogging. I’m not going to say I had the chance to run from bombs or jump out of a moving taxi (almost had to). Most of the time that was too expensive. Most of my travels I either did non traditionally to save $$, and because I prefer adventure over leisure.

Hopefully that last tirade of baloney got you hooked and saying “What is this amazing person’s content that I will undoubtedly love and want to follow!?”. First let me say, thank you. You’re all too kind. To cut to the chase, it’s now time for the fun part, sifting though my disarray of content.

Here it is:
My awesome YouTube channel

Follow me on my adventures in different places.
Travel Playlists

Feel free to browse through my web albums with pictures from my adventures
Web Album

Twitter: @Blackhat2005

Thank you for joining me on this adventure and I hope you come along with me in the future. Have a safe trip
Enjoy 🙂

Oh, and if ya’ll have any questions about my content, or have any special requests that you’d like me to cover, let me know. I’d be happy to talk about anything you’re curios about.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good luck with your new blog! -Kurt 🙂

  2. This is very useful indeed. I am astonished this information is not more generally available, but thanks for your focus on it! This is almost certainly the most complete source I have found to date, and it truly is quite helpful. Cheers

  3. Blogging can be real fun. The best approach I know is to make a post when you feel like it and not when you feel that you should. Keeping the pressure off will keep your posts fresh and interesting. Forcing them only makes them stale. Good luck with the blog!!!!

    • You’re right. I kinda’ jumped into this with no idea what or when I would write something. I figure I’ll accompany a blog post with a video to tell more about it that wasn’t shown or explained in the video. Thanks Jim 🙂

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